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“Yethi” is a niche player and a market leader in the testing, test automation and quality assurance industry focusing on independent validation of banking and financial services software. Yethi supports over 115 financial institutions across 30+ countries. Founded by seasoned senior fin-tech professionals, Yethi brings deep domain expertise and an understanding of clients’ specific requirements towards a digital transformation journey.

Yethi’s very own flagship codeless test automation solution, Tenjin Suite of Test Automation is a unique solution that is DevOps-ready and accelerates the agile development process. Combined with Tenjin’s automated execution, Yethi helps us build and execute large volumes of test cases to test business processes that span across your application landscape, which significantly improves the quality of your software and end-user experience. 

Once the tests are automated, they can be leveraged for functional and regression testing (considering frequent updates or modifications to your application) with minimal manual effort. By adopting Tenjin, banks and financial institutions were able to remain compliant and competitive with the changing trends in the digital transformation journey.

Yethi’s 5th generation codeless robotic test-automation solution, Tenjin, is specifically designed to rapidly automate test execution and reduce manual effort and time-to-test while significantly increasing test coverage. Tenjin’s unique and intuitive Robotic discovery-led UI allows it to discover any application changes and incorporate them into automated testing without undertaking any scripting or programming. 

Tenjin is adopted by multiple banks and financial institutions to automate their Core Banking Solutions, Loan Origination Solutions, Treasury Solutions, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and CRM solutions. It allows you to repeat your testing across browsers and devices with minimal manual overhead.

Tenjin’s Robotic Discovery-led UI seamlessly integrates new patches with earlier regression packs. It offers a Hands-off-lights-off testing experience, saving nearly up to 80% of test efforts. Its codeless adaptability across multiple systems accelerates continuous test execution. The data-driven navigation leads to 50% faster results compared to other test automation engines and 10x faster than manual test execution time. It reduces the regression burden to the tune of 40% and covers the pre-regression and post-regression cases.