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Yabx’s vision is to simplify financial access to the thin or no file customers in the emerging markets of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This is to be actualized via the mobile device, by leveraging an individual’s digital footprints.

We provide financial control and choice to this new-to-credit segment. The company leverages technology and analytics to reduce the cost of delivering financial services, thereby bringing banking services to the unbanked. This is achieved through strategic partnerships with leading telecom operators, banks, microfinance institutions, credit bureaus, mobile financial services providers, and handset manufacturers.

We enable our partners to create and manage digital products such as microloans, savings, overdrafts, loans for retail customers as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), etc., tailored to the needs of the underserved segment.

Our digital loan products range from $15 to $500 and can be used for payment of utility bills, school fees, smartphone finance, SME credit, etc., These loans are extended based on individual credit scores, determined by leveraging advanced analytics using data points generated from an individual’s mobile usage such as GSM, mobile money, call data records (CDR) and social data.