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With a vision to provide for the underserved population and support conventional banking, we are solving the challenge by creating a super-app that caters to a myriad of financial challenges faced by the average user and business. Purscliq which caters to both B2B and B2C customers is an application with mobile and web platforms.

We started with the mobile app, CreditWolf, which was launched in September, 2021, and got over 6000 users with about 80% customer retention in the 1st month. The app catered to immediate needs of users by providing nano loans. This mobile app has been rebranded into Purscliq for Users and caters to more services than CreditWolf. These are:

  • Split Payment to share bills in-app
  • Payment Request and Fund Transfer (in-app and to other bank accounts)
  • Bill Payment (Mobile Top-up, Cable and Electricity Payment)
  • Savings Wallet
  • Cross-border payments to international merchants through the Virtual Cards (in view)
  • Gift cards (in view)
  • Multicurrency Wallets (in view)

The web platform which is currently in the pre-development phase is Purscliq for Business. By partnering with MSMEs, we are providing them with a one-stop platform for their employee/payroll management, accounting management through the use of an e-invoicing system, and billing, collection and disbursement to vendors.

Our platforms currently in the predevelopment phase are:

Monah – We are alleviating the struggles related with international remittance by providing a platform where users can remit funds globally at pocket-friendly exchange rates. By partnering with educational institutions abroad, we would resolve the hassle of school-fee payment for students by making it possible to pay from their mobile phone. Users can also make purchaseswith prepaid virtual and physical cards from stores like Amazon seamlessly.

Payment Gateway – We intend to facilitate the collection and disbursement of funds, bill payment for utility and work with companies to be their gateway for bank, QR code, card

payments, etc for goods and services. We would also aid their verification process by accelerating their BVN/identity verification process and proffer a modern biometric verification model.