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M-Tip is a social impact female owned start-up that is on a mission to help service workers to collect, record, manage and control their tips earned on a secure and reliable platform.

We are in a world that is quickly moving towards more cashless or cashlite than ever before. M-Tip helps tippers to reward great service and motivate service workers using an easy, secure and anonymous solution. Service workers can receive, manage and record tips earned directly on their cellphones using M-Tip. M-Tip helps service workers earn more.

M-Tip was founded in 2019 as M-TIP Limited in Nairobi, Kenya. The three female founders are Angela Mburu, Emma Mburu and Caroline Kariemu.

Our mission is to help service workers collect, record, and monetize their tip earnings by providing a reliable platform and partnerships that help them grow their net worth as well as improve their standard of living.