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Egyptian Fintech Association

Egyptian Fintech Association

The Egyptian FinTech Association is a non-for-profit civil society organization, registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity (#875) in 2019.

As the first and only FinTech Association in Egypt, it aims to promote financial innovation and inclusion through information technology and digital transformation.

The Association has both corporate and individual members, representing the various relevant sectors: banking, insurance, financing, telecom, IT, e-commerce, legal and others…

The Egyptian FinTech Association’s board of directors, supported by a distinguished Advisory Board and through the effort, knowledge and network of its various members, works on:

  • Advocacy of FinTech and its best practices
  • Proposing and commentating on various laws and regulations affecting FinTech
  • Skill development and knowledge sharing of various aspects of FinTech and its consumer protection
  • Supporting initiatives to make Egypt more FinTech competitive
  • Cooperating with regional and international FinTech organizations