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Victor Malu

Victor Malu


Digital Financial Practitioners Association of Kenya

Victor William Malu is the Chairman of the Digital Financial Practitioners Association of Kenya (DFPAK). He is also the founder of Future Systems Consulting Ltd. He is also currently the Senior Business Development Lead at the Mojaloop Foundation.

Victor worked with a team of experts to produce the key principles required to build an Inclusive Financial System led by the Aspen Institute. Victor hopes to be part of the solution that drives value for a sustainable and inclusive digital economy across the continent. Having worked in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Seychelles, Mauritius, Botswana, Zambia, and Malawi, Victor will continue to contribute to financial systems development projects, where he hopes to resolve financial challenges that affect the bottom of the pyramid, micro and small enterprises.

With over 25 years in banking, 10 years in not-for-profit, and a total of 35 years collaborating with key players in Government and non-government organizations in the Financial Sector, Victor has made a tremendous impact in Digital Finance, Payments Systems, Policy & Regulation, Social Protection, Affordable Housing and Data. His most recent wins over the years include leading the collaborative Payment Association of Kenya team mandated to regulate retail payments per the NPS Act to delivering the 1st digital credit solution (M-Shwari) that changed the face of consumer credit and having designed the Inua Jamii Choice model and then engaged with key decision-makers in the implementation of the solution.

Bringing thought leadership to the sector, Victor was instrumental in the development of the Medium-Term Plan II & III for the financial sector as per vision 2030 for the National Treasury. He was instrumental in the development of the Central Bank of Kenya’s Vision & Strategy 2022 to 2032. In addition, Victor conceptualised and designed the Pesalink solution before developing a business case and finally having the Kenya Bankers Association invest in the solution. Victor led efforts that finally successfully introduced financial literacy in both primary and secondary schools and in addition worked with the Central Bank of Kenya and the Kenya Bankers Association to implement a Total Cost of Credit solution for the public. Victor has also worked with the Competition Authority of Kenya on many ground-breaking inquiries on bank interest rates, mobile money access as well as the leasing sector.

He was recently elected as the 1st Chairman of the Digital Finance Practitioners Association of Kenya. In addition to his wealth of experience, and years of training, Victor is noted as the 1st Kenyan to be Certified as a Digital Finance Practitioner. Having worked for decades harnessing the power of markets to improve people’s lives, Victor leads Future Financial Systems Consulting Ltd. to strategically improve financial infrastructures, guide high performing teams, engage with key players, and communicate learning and insights. An asset to any organization pushing the limits in innovative development in the financial sector. Victor is a proven leader striving to improve tomorrow’s financial systems today.