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Stacey Japhta

Stacey Japhta

Vice President Growth


Stacey Japhta is the VP of Growth at TalentintheCloud, the leading Executive Search firm focusing on leadership hires across the FinTech industry. She heads up the Business Development and Marketing department while running their top-of-the-charts podcast, Talking Success: Connecting the global FinTech Community. Stacey has a passion for Women & Diversity and her position at TITC includes fueling the FinTech Ecosystem and striving to close the gender gap within the Global FinTech community.

Prior to working at TITC, Stacey was the Account Executive of a Technology recruitment firm in sunny Los Angeles. After her 5 year stint in the USA, she finally returned to her home country, South Africa, where she continuously strives to make a difference and positively change the Payment space as we know it.