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Srirang Srikantha

Srirang Srikantha

Chief Executive Officer

Yethi Consulting

Mr. Srikantha is an adroit and a visionary leader at the intersection of finance and technology. Yethi Consulting, headquartered in India and renowned globally, stands as a premier provider of specialized software quality assurance and testing solutions tailored specifically for the banking and financial sector. Mr. Srikantha’s expertise in risk management, test automation, and regulatory compliance has been instrumental in helping numerous financial institutions streamline operations, elevate customer experiences, and mitigate potential risks. Mr. Srikantha is also the driving force behind TenjinOnline.com, a cutting-edge platform empowering financial institutions to fully leverage the potential of digital transformation.

Through advanced analytics, AI-driven insights, and process automation, TenjinOnline.com equips financial organizations to adapt and flourish in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. With his profound leadership, Mr. Srikantha has spearheaded a transformative journey for Yethi Consulting and TenjinOnline.com, revolutionizing the approach of financial institutions to technology adoption and implementation. His unwavering commitment to innovation and deep understanding of the distinctive challenges faced by the banking and financial sector have earned him widespread recognition.