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Sabyasachi Goswami

Sabyasachi Goswami

Chief Executive Officer


Sabyasachi Goswami assumes the esteemed position of CEO at Perfios Software Solution, steering the organization towards becoming a premier innovator in the BFSI sector through its transformative SaaS-based solutions. Boasting a rich professional journey spanning over 21 years, Sabyasachi has honed his expertise through distinguished roles at prominent financial institutions such as Axis Bank and Standard Chartered. His profound understanding of the domain intricacies positions him as a revered figure within the industry.

At the helm of Perfios, Sabyasachi champions a leadership ethos centered around customer-centricity and unparalleled satisfaction, thereby solidifying Perfios’ stature as a trusted ally in the realm of financial services. Furthermore, Sabyasachi’s influence extends beyond the confines of corporate boardrooms, as evidenced by his active involvement in various industry symposiums and conferences, where he shares invaluable insights into the BFSI and Fintech domains. Beyond his professional endeavors, Sabyasachi channels his passion for societal impact through philanthropic pursuits, particularly in the realms of education and environmental conservation, exemplifying his unwavering commitment to excellence and social responsibility.