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Niren Mungar Ram

Niren Mungar Ram

Head: Digital Strategy, Research & Experimentation – CIB Digital Platform Services


Niren is extremely passionate about digging into customer problems, gathering the data points, and solving them using deep data exploration, technology and innovation. He has extensive experience in defining and executing on strategic data and analytics projects and enabling digital transformation through a deliberate focus on human experience. One of his key focus areas is to find the intersection between being data-driven and being human-centered, with the aim to increase colleague engagement, while optimising customer experience and developing new product propositions. He is also extremely passionate about driving systemic change around education in the African continent, specifically around the youth development and youth employability. One of his major focuses is to drive digital literacy across Pan-Africa with the aim of closing the gap on the digital divide. He believes that combination of humanity and technology is the way we will drive the human race forward in the future.