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Gavin Moss

Gavin Moss

Head of Payments Technology

Standard Bank Group

Gavin is a seasoned leader and technologist with experience across the technology landscape having been involved in the field for over 20 years. He has spent time in London and South Africa working in the media and financial services industries. Gavin also runs a few side hustles including the CEO for a building maintenance company and an outdoor advertising company. Gavin is a triathlete and mad about playing golf. The problem is both of these things take time out of his day and work really does clash with these passions. Gavin has a master’s degree from Wits University and is busy completing a PhD with the University of Johannesburg. Gavin has been with Standard Bank for 14 years and has performed roles across retail and corporate and investment banking technology and is currently the head of technology for payments and channel within corporate and investment banking, a role he has been in for just under 3 years.

He is seen as a leader with a talent for taking on challenging situations and trying to find innovative solutions for problems no one has been able to solve. He focuses on mentoring and coaching team members and loves watching them grow and mature into their full potential. He enjoys challenging the status quo and is always eager to propose creative solutions to problems. His aim is to experience first-hand the direct impact that technology solutions can have across Africa, especially when this includes a positive social impact. Most importantly Gavin is a father to 3 daughters and measures his success in life around how good a father and husband he is and not around his achievements at work.