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Danielle Lawrence

Danielle Lawrence

Interim COO

Fintech Association of South Africa

Danielle has spent the last 12 years’ intrenched in the HR and talent management space. Starting in HR administration, Danielle built her career around talent strategy creation, HR solution management and labour legislation across Africa, being well-versed in the end-to-end requirements and challenges businesses face when acquiring and retaining top talent. Danielle has tertiary qualifications related to international labour legislation, business management, HR management and business best practice. Further to this, Danielle has had the opportunity to work with in-house recruitment teams at numerous financial services firms, such as Visa and Nedbank. Since joining TalentintheCloud, Danielle is responsible for operational excellence across the business. It is her responsibility to manage functions related to human resources, legal, organisational growth, customer experience, and recruitment; as well as to contribute strategic opinion to the scaling of the business.