Thinking of launching a digital wallet? Choose the right strategy and avoid the pitfalls!

Are you a bank, processor, or fintech seeking to attract new clients or deliver more value-added services to your customer base? Digital wallets have exploded in use in various regions around the globe, some reaching super-app status in a mere few years. What led to their success? How did they forge a successful business strategy that took into account their technological infrastructure, regional regulations, and expectations from merchants and customers?

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  • What does the market landscape for digital wallets look like in 2021-2022
  • Who are the key players and how did they emerge from their respective niches to become success stories
  • What starting points and strategies might you choose to develop your digital wallet business

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  1. The digital wallet market in 2021-2022
    • What is a digital wallet in 2021-2022?
    • Destination: super app
    • Where did successful digital wallets in the market come from?
  2. Will merchants accept your wallet?
    • Reasons merchants want to accept digital wallets
    • Why merchants hesitate to accept digital wallets
  3. Identify your wallet niche and launch strategy
  4. Choosing the right partner

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