Interview with André Løvestam

As we move into 2022, how ?

First of all, we are saddened by the suffering and losses that people have been enduring.Zwipe’s biometric contactless solution replaces the PIN with your fingerprint. This means that payments at the POS can happen 100% touchfree. Therefore, our offering addresses some of the concerns people have with touching shared surfaces like the PIN pad. Running international technology development projects, it has caused some delays due to remote work. On the other hand, the use of Teams and other video conferencing increases productivity too, with less time used on travel.

Which area has noted most promising adaptation in terms of innovation and digital transformation?

  • AI and Robotics
  • Blockchain
  • Data-science
  • Digital Engagement and CRM
  • Financial Inclusions

While all of the above are relevant, I would highlight the increased focus on biometrics and Strong Customer Authentication to add a layer of security to all stakeholders. Biometrics are becoming ubiquitous for your phone, PC, car and it will also be the future of payments.

According to you, which area of the region’s financial sector will witness remarkable innovation in the future? – and why?

  • Digital Finance and Banking
  • Fintech Innovation
  • Implementation of AI/RPA and other automation technologies
  • Customer Acquisition and Service
  • Cards and Payment (Digital/Cashless/Contactless)

Cards and payments is certainly undergoing a lot of innovation, with rapid transition to contactless, partly driven by the pandemic and rising transaction limits. Mobile payment, tokenization, and wearables will all play important roles. In most markets, we still see an overwhelming preference for the payment card for POS payments – due to their seamless use and convenience. Old habits are hard to break, you know. Therefore, biometric payment cards will add significant value to consumers and issuers.

How would you think attendees will benefit by attending the 8th Africa Bank 4.0 Summit – CEO Exclusive?

As always, conferences like this allow for networking, inspiration, learning and new ideas. I look forward to meeting executives from the African banking and financial services industry to talk about how biometric payment cards can add value to our consumers, our ecosystem and society at large.