Pre-Conference Masterclass Workshop 

Wednesday, 7th March 2023 | 16:30hrs – 19:00hrs EAT


Time to Act is Now: Implementing GRC and AML Software’s in African Banks

Workshop Overview:

The implementation of Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) software solutions is relevant and crucial for African banks. With the increasing complexity of financial regulations and the evolving nature of financial crimes, manual processes are no longer sufficient to effectively manage GRC and AML obligations.

The use of specialized software solutions helps African banks to automate and streamline their GRC and AML processes, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness. These solutions can also help African banks to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements by providing real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities. Additionally, the use of GRC and AML software solutions enhances the ability of African banks to identify and mitigate potential risks in a more targeted manner.

The implementation of these solutions also supports the ability of African banks to stay ahead of evolving financial crimes and regulatory changes. In conclusion, the implementation of GRC and AML software solutions is relevant and crucial for African banks to effectively manage their GRC and AML obligations, maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, and reduce risks.

Workshop Methodology:

  • Brief conceptual overview for each case
  • Exemplary results of tools and methods in practice
  • Learn about best practices by other companies

Rui Vicente

Chief Executive Officer

Hélder Carapinha

Managing Director

Rosana Guerreiro

Business Analyst